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Your home and business is very important to you. You have spent a lot on your equipment and you need to keep your investment running and worth the money you spent. For that reason we offer our preventive maintenance program. Twice a year our professional experienced technicians will come to your location and perform maintenance on all your equipment If you don't keep up on it your equipment will slowly lose it's zest and not operate like it once did.

Some things we do during your preventive maintenance:

  • Change filters
  • Change drive belt
  • Grease the bearing
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils (Summer P/M)
  • Fire up furnaces and check for operation (Fall P/M)
  • Clean dust build up from interior units

  • REFRIGERATION (Walk-in / Reach-in)
  • Arrival and departure temperature check
  • Refrigeration coolant level check (liquid / gas pressures)
  • Thermostat holding operation
  • Clean evaporator and condenser coils
  • Clean all fans (Evaporator / Condenser)
  • Door seal check
  • 4 complete cycles check

  • Clean heat exchangers (ovens / stoves / grills)
  • Pilot light check
  • Gas leak check
  • Belt check (mixers)

  • Complete Cycle Check
  • Leak Check
  • Chemical check

  • Residential HVAC
  • Clean A-coil and Condenser coils (Summer P/M)
  • Change filters (Summer and fall P/M)
  • Check Blower fan belt replace as needed (Summer and fall P/M)
  • Grease Blower fan bearings (Summer and fall P/M)
  • Clean out heat exchangers and burners.
  • Check for proper thermostat operation
  • Check for proper operation
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